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The Container Store
On a demandé à un Order Processor...24 août 2020

What is your greatest accomplishment?

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I talked about an award I won in college

Staying married to the same woman I feel in love with 38 years ago and still going stronger by the sec. Moins


(approx) What would you do if you were handed a stack of papers, a really big stack, and you had to get through it all?

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I would ask my manager if I could stay late. I would sit down and get through as much as I possibly could in the time given. Moins


They ask me my self and education background, and technical experience because my job position there technical side job

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Very friendly and without fear


Describe your ability to multitask?

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As the General Manager of two companies and the Proyect Manager of a Construction Company, with at least two Proyects at the same time and to make all of them succesfull had develop in me an extraodinary ability to do diferent activities at the same time. Moins

Moss Greenhouses

Basic questions such as legal right to work in U.S., and ability to do the job were asked.

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Discount Labels

Do you want to work in the warehouse until training starts !

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Yes LOL , but it was only for 2 weeks and it really wasn't to bad.

Time Systems International

Are you comfortable handling multiple phone lines

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How do you handle stress?

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Just work through things one at a time until I'm finished.


Why do you want to work for us

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So I can move on with my life and get out on my own


Why are you looking to change jobs?

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work/life balance

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