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On a demandé à un Synthetic Organic Chemist...28 août 2020

Provide a synthetic route to a multichiral complex organic compound. Imagine coming off the train and being presented with that.

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Pointless and invalid exercise as the interviewer demanded a specific answer. No scope for exploring other routes or valid chemistry. Still no feedback from the company, and my transport costs have still not been met. Moins

GL Chemtec International

What is your training and work history?

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I can efficiently handle GC, GCMS, LCMS, HPLC, NMR, UV, IR. I did workshops in this instruments.I can able to solve industrial issues like purification, separation of isomers by using heterogeneous solid catalysts, which is also establish green methodology, and environment friendly environment. Moins

Fresenius Kabi

What did you do during your master and bachelor thesis? Which optional courses did you choose?

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in the bachelor degree, I worked on the synthesis of conducting polymers and doping of polyaniline in the master degree, I did work about the elaboration of polymeric composites based on biopolymer and bio-additives for improving the thermal and mechanical properties Moins


Tell me about yourself.

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I have a B.S degree in Chemistry and have performed research revolving around my degree Moins

Teva Pharmaceuticals

professional questions about my previous work, my strong and weak points

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Toronto Research Chemicals

Basic organic chemistry to retrosynthesi is of given molecules

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~90 % answered


Are you familiar with GC/MS

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What is your research experience? Do you know how to use instruments, such as HPLC?

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I gave my background in research and highlights of my research achievements and publications. Moins

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

They asked me to take a short quiz, which was the hardest part but still fairly easy.

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Pulled out relevant chemical knowledge on gas chemistry and NMR spectra.


Are you clean, cluttered or messy

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cluttered is the best option

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