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On a demandé à un Owner/Operator...18 février 2015

How's your wife doing? What about her work/career if selected for this position?

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Sorry - meant to add plus 1. Glaasdoor wouldn't allow me to change

Even though the opportunity is personal (singular, they're hiring you to be the owner/operator, not your wife/spouse). You need to go all-in. My advice - be ready to tell them you are willing to be a single income family with CFA as your only source of income. If they even sense you have a backup or will not give it your 100%, they'll pass. My current salary is equivalent to owner/operator of an average free-standing CFA, and my wife's salary is comparable. I believe that weighed heavily against "our" application. Even though we were willing to forfeit the salaries in exchange for the CFA lifestyle and the entrepreneurship opportunity, I failed to make that abundantly clear during the process. Moins


You told us about leaving Employer A because Employer B made you an "offer you couldn't refuse". But certainly there had to be something at Employer A that wasn't quite as you wanted it to be to make you leave. Can you tell me about that?

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Great company

That was a great question. Employer A had stopped promotions and severely restricted salary increases, even to top-tier performers like me. I had accomplished all I could in my position there. I would not have been entertaining other opportunities had I believed the future at Employer A would be more rewarding. Moins

Bee-Line Delivery Service

How many years of driving experience do you have? Can I send you an application by email? When do you want to schedule your orientation process?

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over 20+

Why have you chosen to work here at C & L IT Solutions?

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I have a passion for Technology, and I think that my Education and Training can be beneficial to you and me. Moins


Do you have issues at the border.

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No. Explanation was good

Welk Resort Group

questions: Why did you apply for this position? How are you with scripts?

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Wanted to work for a "brand" that is known and respected. Want to work with no limit on potential income. Moins

Axiom Group (CT)

Do I really want to run this company

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Go! Retail Group

What locations would you be interested if a mall comes available?

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Do you have any experience personal or otherwise playing or learning about games toys and pop culture items? Moins

Swift Transportation

Have you ever been in any accident throughout your career ?

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Swift Transportation

Do you use comdata card ?

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Yes , and this is where you can deposit your settlement into and also you receive your payroll advances through here . Moins

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