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HP Inc.
On a demandé à un Patent Counsel...28 octobre 2016

Describe how you draft an application.

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:


Describe a project where you had to work with other teams.

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I answered by describing how I worked with R&D and HR to generate the number of patens being filed by women engineers. We then used to information to initiate trainings to promote the patent program among women engineers. Moins


Tell us about your technical and legal background in pharma.

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Medical doctor, specialized in pharmaceutical medicine and quality management, 18yr Pharma development and Medical Affairs experience Moins

The Jackson Laboratory

Tell me about your past experience.

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I noticed on its website that The Jackson Lab sells transgenic mice to universities, globally, so I explained that I had experience licensing and drafting agreements and the IP Head tersely responded, "What do you think you would do on a daily basis? We don't license transgenic mice from this office that's another office, it's not us." Unnecessarily rude. Moins


asked about recent cases in supreme court

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i was caught off guard and didnt really know

Boston Scientific

Why do you want to leave private practice?


What Google product are you currently most interested in?


Written test to draft a response to a rejection.


What are your favourite Adidas products


They almost exclusively ask about how you will handle conflicts to the degree that I got the impression that something bad happened recently or that there is a lot of conflict at the company or between the departments. Many of the questions were oddly specific and also assumed a bad conclusion.... Describe a time that you worked on a team where someone was doing something wrong and you told them that they were wrong but they refused to listen to you. How did you handle that? Describe a time where you had to tell your boss repeatedly that they were doing something wrong but they refused to listen to you and were not taking your calls. What did you do? They will also pose hypothetical situations and ask how you would handle those. For example, how would you handle a situation where a scientist discovered something and is excited to publish but they can't publish until the patent is filed?

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