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Fruit of the Loom, Inc.
On a demandé à un Pattern Maker...2 avril 2015

Are you ready to come back to the industry?

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Yes...miss the hands on.....i loved teaching college level...but I feal you lose a bit of your creativity with out the hands on job. Moins



Why are you interested in this job?

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Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

For a paycheck and possibly a opportunity for a new career

Team Go Figure

What can you offer the company with your background?

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Described my background and how I was very experienced in more than one skill set than what I was actually interviewing for. I was offered the job, but they changed their mind the next day. Very unusual experience. Moins

Samsung Electronics

Describe myself and my job.

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I gave a little description of my qualities that qualify me for the job. Gave them a little feed back of may background in this field. Answer any other concern not clear regarding my resume. Moins

Leslie Jordan Apparel Design & Mfg. Co.

Why are you a good fit?

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I have skills and maturity

Pendleton Woolen Mills

Why do you want this position?

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I elaborated on my passion for good fit and the craft of pattern making.

Elie Tahari

They asked me if I had any experience pattern making.

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I said I did, brought a portfolio but they neglected to even look at it. They decided to hire me before the interview I think. They didn't ask me many questions, we just had a conversation and the VP of the department gave me a tour of the office. Moins

Tadashi Shoji & Associates

tell me about your previous work and what you did there

1 réponses

I briefly explained my work history

YDesign Group

Where have you worked before

1 réponses

Gave previous experience and listed responsibilities

Comfort Works

How do you think about the furniture industry?

1 réponses

As a contemporary art concept. For new generations, authenticity is antonymous with marketing. Moins

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