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Lakeside School
On a demandé à un Payroll Administrator...19 janvier 2019

Will you be willing to do the party planning for the department? (TOTALLY unrelated to my actual role)

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Absolutely. That sounds like fun!

Gatherings with the staff can only add to the bonding experience at the school. It’s a good way to meet in a more casual environment where topics that may not be directly related to school are shared. Moins


What did you study at the College?

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I explained that I did a major in Accounting and Payroll whats had allowed me to get a good base to start working here in Canada and I explained as well about my skills that I believed could help. Moins

Business management


What would my idea work set up be

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I said that Id like to have a manager who is approachable and a team that get along well Moins

All necessary information must be available for the specific role and I must know the guideliness and procedure of a company. I must know the team and have meeting on what they expect and what is my expectation so that an effective team work can be done. We should be transparent in front of each other so that business can run smoothly. Moins

Artificial Grass Liquidators

If I was a certified for a specific payroll

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No that I was not, but I had experience.

Artificial Grass Liquidators

When could I start?

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Right away.


What kind of manager I liked to work with.

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someone that trusted the person they were hiring knew what they were doing and let them do it. They would check in with them but not micro mange them. Moins

Apogee Corporation

What could I offer the company

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I am committed, reliable, confident, self motivated and could work well within a team or alone and not afraid of hard work. Moins

I am an asset to an organization in terms of achieving long term goals. I have patience to act in various situations in any department. I have time management skills with accuracy. When it comes to confidentialty i am very particular and strict towards myself and with others. I believe in integrity and equality. Moins

Serocor Group

How would you deal with sensitive information

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Politely tell anyone what asks that its not for me to disclose

Sensitive information may be in any document, sheet or in person. If it is a document or a sheet then we can always keep the file password protected and save in a folder where only necessary member can access that file. However, if it is in person, then always discuss the things in a closed cabin with a legal document so that once sensitive information has been discussed then both party must sign a document which states of non diclosure with anyone. There could be another ways as well. Moins

QM Environmental

What skills I had with Excel

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Vlookups, pivot tables. Good understanding of formulas.

Fast Retailing

What is desired salary

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As per Company

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