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Rolfson Oil
On a demandé à un Payroll Assistant...11 novembre 2019

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

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Croatia, South America, Africa


How long do you see yourself in this position?

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No clue.

Mission Rock Residential

Am I afraid of technology?

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No, I embrace it.

Solomon Page

Would you accept a temporary position? Why wouldn't you accept a temporary position? How long have you worked with previous employers? Asked about experience. Most of the interview was about negotiating salary. Why was I not interested in the salary offered? I should consider a low salary since I am a fresh graduate.

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I answered the question with confidence.

Robert Half

Salary expectation?

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New graduate, care more about the job and leaning opportunities.


Why are you here?

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Talked about how I want to become a payroll manager in the future.

Please tell us a little about yourself. Since now you awake is my subordinate. I want you to know it is need, for that would find a common language with you.

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I enjoy being outdoors and my culture is very important to me.


What you liked about your pass job?

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I enjoyed the work within the area and the people I delt with in other departments. Moins

East Stroudsburg University

How do you prioritize your day?

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Customers phone calls and walk-ins come first.


Calcolo malattia, infortunio, trasferta in busta paga?

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Calcolo degli elementi richiesti

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