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On a demandé à un Payroll Supervisor...27 juillet 2019

Explain my current duties and what my day would look like

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Now I am working as UT Technician in l&t contraction

Now I am working as UT Technician in l&t contraction

MSC Industrial Direct

Several people in the interview process asked questions regarding how I discipline my staff. I have been with my current company for a number of years and pride myself on the due diligence I put into my hiring process, and as a result, have had very few instances where I have had to discipline my staff. They did not seem pleased with that. Looking back on it, it seems that they may have been looking for more of a disciplinarian than a manager. It is unfortunate. In the course of management, you may have to discipline people, though I believe that if you put in your work on the front end and hire a top notch staff, you would gain more from having a leader than a disciplinarian.

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From working at the Davidson Location you would need conflict resolution skills. A mixture of people from the South and the North is a clash. You should know that the company is spending a lot of time on cultural sensitivity, but it takes time. Check it out down the road; the atmosphere will change with time. Moins

Bottom Line Equipment

Why were you terminated in your last job.

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I was told I was not a good fit after being there a year and a half. Truth was that I did not participate in gossip nor did I belong to the clique of 8 women. I would sit and do my job all day long. Moins


What are my strengths/weaknesses?

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Strength: always seeing the bright side of everything Weakness: have had to grow out of defensiveness after making a mistake Moins

3 Day Blinds

Walk through experience.

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Answered. I’m so confused because they made a verbal offer. I countered for 2k more and a couple of hours later they said they would not move forward with an offer. I was only countering based on market average. If they would have told me the offer was firm, I wouldn’t have countered. This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen to me in my life. I was blessed to receive another offer and have 8 other 2nd interviews scheduled. I’m not even sure if the true reason is the counter offer because they are being so cold and won’t tell me. Arie just says, the hiring manager didn’t say why they aren’t moving forward with the offer. So strange. Moins

Prestige Employee Administrators

reviewed resume experience

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Bottom Line Equipment

The business was located inside of an old gasoline station. There was disorder and cramped quarters everywhere. Hiring manager used the term "we run around here with our hair on fire".

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I was told that they plan to build a nice office building - didn't say when. I was also told that many times people are in the office until 9:00 PM and weekends too. I was told that I am on the short list; however, I really don't want this job. I do not like disorder and chaos. Moins


Why you choose to be a hr?

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My uncle is a senior hr who majored in information management, who influenced me a lot. Moins

Crestwood Equity Partners

Questions were very quantitative. Wanted to know specific amounts and quantities related to the job.


Demonstrate how you prioritise workload and why

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