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Gold's Gym
On a demandé à un Personal Trainer...13 juillet 2009

so. why do you want to do this?

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I want to share with others what I am passionate about and what I believe to be not only physically beneficial, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually strengthening as well. Moins

Because I'm an athlete with the credentials to help people better their bodies for a healthier lifestyle Moins

...because im a trainer.

Anytime Fitness

How many clients do you have How many years of experience in PT and sales.

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5 years

I have 24 clients and have 8 years experience

I have 24 clients and have 8 years experience

Life Time

Can you recite the company vision and mission statement?

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IMO: When you state the mission and the vision, regardless of your position @ Life Time Fitness- do it with sincerity and with a smile. People can tell. :-) Be a part of the positive movement...join me. Moins

Life Time's mission is to provide an Educational, Entertaining, Friendly and Inviting, Functional and Innovative experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family. Vision Life Time – The Healthy Way of Life CompanySM, helps organizations, communities and individuals achieve their: Total Health Objectives Athletic Aspirations and Fitness Goals by doing what they love to do. We do this by providing the: Best Places Best People and Best Programs that change lives positively every day. Moins

Gold's Gym

They asked me to name all the muscles in Upper body?

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Chest shoulder back biceps triceps

I answered all the names.

LA Fitness

Do you have certification/a degree?

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Yes. I have 4 certificate and 2 in process

Blink Fitness

If someone has a bad back, how would you train them?

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Core training and a proper walking program

Depends where in their back... Cervical? Thoracic? Lumbar? Sacral? "Core stabilization" is the cookie-cutter response but isn't always the right answer. This is PERSONAL training after all... Moins

Life Time

If a team member is struggling to reach goal (there are monthly sales quotas), would you stay late on a shift day to help? How would you do it?

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Of course I'd love to help. I'd look at what his weaknesses were, suggest they ask to shadow a team member with the trait they lack and try to emulate it when the time arrives. Moins


GoodLife Fitness

what muscles are primarily used in a pull up? Can you name a secondary?

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Lats. Bicep

Latissimus Dorsi (primary muscle) and Biceps ( secondary) . Pull-ups is a compound exercise which uses more than one joint . Moins


How much experience do you have as a personal trainer?

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Not much other than helping family and friends accomplish their fitness goals.

20 years

The Edge Fitness Clubs

If we told you that you needed to quit your current job without notice, what would your course of action be? (I'm dysphemising what the interviewer said to an extent, but I don't remember the question verbatim)

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I stumbled over my words for a good thirty seconds, but ultimately ended up telling the interviewers that I wasn't willing to do this. I ended up not getting the job, and I'm not sure whether or not it was because the answer I gave to their question wasn't satisfactory to their standards. Be that as it may, I shouldn't even have to be in the position of wondering whether or not the reason I didn't get the job was because I wasn't willing to proverbially cut the throats of my current employers and burn bridges. By far and away, the worst interview I've ever had. The interviewer was fake, saccharine, and without principles. Moins

It sounds like this question was asked to see if you are the type of employee that would just quit a job without giving notice. It doesn't mean that they wanted you to quit your current job in this manner. In any case, I believe the best response for a question like this would be the answer that shows integrity, honesty, and loyalty on your part. If I was asked this question, I believe my answer would be something like... "If you asked me to quit my current job without giving any notice to my employer, I would be unable to do so. I pride myself on being loyal, dependable, and honest in everything I do. I make sure that I am an asset to any team or company of which I am a part. Giving 2 weeks notice is the standard for employees and employers. I was hired with the understanding that my employer or I would give notice if my position with them was to come to an end, and I would honor that as I am a "man/woman of my word." If I was hired as an employee for your company, I would show you the same loyalty and respect. Moins

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