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On a demandé à un Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Manager...10 novembre 2016

Why Allergen Ranking of priorities (probing, features/benefits, objection handling, closing and relationship building. I had 20 minutes to plan my day in the field, I was given a list of scheduled and unscheduled events. The manager did not look at my brag book.

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Manager said there were no wrong or right answers to the scenarios given.


Standard tell me about yourself. What was a sale you were most proud of and why?

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Answer that and any other question with confidence.

Novo Nordisk

what is your achievement in this company as yourself?

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i have learnt from here the thing which i was not aware of that i know well and use them Moins

Novo Nordisk

what are the principle that you follow in your life?

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honesty and i do whatever i like the most

Novo Nordisk

Tell me about when you did not perform well and what the outcome was. What caused the problem and how did you address it?

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