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On a demandé à un Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative...1 septembre 2021

What would your manager say if we asked him about you What is your goal 5 years from now What would be the the most difficult part for you in this position

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Learning the chemicals used for the medicine

I am a good communicator who is disciplined, hard-working, and willing to learn

In five years I want to be known as a productive employee, who is trusted by our customers and willing to take on new challenges Moins

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How would you handle a situation where a doctor cancels last second before a lunch and learn?

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One possible answer: "I have actually had that happen to me. Fortunately, the food had not yet been paid for. Since the staff had all been prepared to attend the lunch and learn, I arranged for me to still meet with the staff, just without the food. During the (now non-lunch) meeting, I was able to present to the staff the features and benefits of my products *as they related specifically to them in their daily dealings with their patients*... I made sure to emphasize the ways that, by prescribing my medication, the physician would be 1) helping the patient in XYZ way, and 2) allieviating some of the staff's on-the-job hassle XYZ way (through fewer call-backs, or as the case may be). The staff booked me for a follow-up lunch in a couple of weeks. During that follow-up lunch and learn, I was able to finally have the long-detail discussion that I had originally planned to have with the physician with the added benefits of having the staff on my side, echoing what they had experienced, in the past few weeks, as benefits of my products." Moins

If staff is available and agrees to lunch and learn continue to feed the staff and present to them your product. Staff are the extra eyes and ears of the physician and are also important in pharm. Remember besides TV commercials, word of mouth is also powerful! Moins

Would suggest using the budget on another high-performing office in the territory to make best use of budget and to influence the business that matters most. Moins


Why should we hire you over the others?

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I'm energetic representative, 1 year experience in pharma marketing field.

I am self-starter, very knowledge of the CPG industry, strong sales experience, commercial cleaning service business owner, experience in cold calling, trainer, on-boarding experience, transferable skill-set, cross functional experience, great presentation skills, business development, great follow-up with jet stake hiders, Moins

I'm fully energetic, hardworker in odd hours, 2 yrs experience in marketing field in pharma comany Moins

Procter & Gamble

what is difference between sales and marketing?

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Nowadays without marketing nothing to be sale every new product that should be marketing.. but the sale is based on the people like to use the product again and again Moins

Sales is Total amount of products sold in a month or quarter or year.whereas marketing is the showcase products into the market using various tools like cold calling,print ,media advertisement. Moins

Google search karle bhai


Tell me of a time that you were disappointed with your efforts to resolve a conflict between coworkers.

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I try not to use too many brain cells on a situation that, if it ever happened, I would have little control over. Furthermore, I don't know that it would be in anyone's best interest for a third party to take it upon themselves to intervene. Moins

Recruit Express

What industry do my parents work in?

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What is the co relationship between my competencies with my parents work?

The question seems to relate or subjectively establish the like father like son assumption which in human relation management perspective is called stereotyping or in strategic management is termed 'think out of the box'. Moins

Or simply the topic is created so that to test the communication skills.


just get prepped for STAR questions and be able to relate it specifically to the position you are applying for. They ask certain questions just to see how you reply. It gives them an idea of how you will communicate your thoughts. What will you bring to the team?

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Be honest. They are looking for the right fit. They can tell if you're trying to say what they want to hear and don't mean it. Moins

Yes i am accepted this is the best idea for communicate with other


name the most strategic thing you did in the past two months

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Convinced a key opinion leader in Srilanka by using SPIN technique whom strongly refuted the brand Moins


Physician Family Pharmacy

What makes me qualify for the position

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With my skills and expertise in sales, all I needed was training on how to complete the assignment. Moins

Kowa Pharmaceuticals

Do I love to win or hate to loose?

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I said that I hate to loose.

“I hate to lose. When I lose at something I find out what I did wrong to correct it and make sure I don’t make that mistake again” Moins

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