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Costco Wholesale
On a demandé à un Pharmacy Manager...30 janvier 2016

Have I ever involve in hiring process for tech?

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Yes, I have been involved briefly, I believe, for management to get my first impression of the person. Moins

I think they were looking for an idea of whether or not I could work with that person. I am a person who can work with almost anyone, so that is not a problem Moins


What would you do in the following situations?

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I answered the questions with exactly what I would do.


How do you typically handle difficult customers?

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Remain patient. Put yourself in their shoes and see it from there point of view. Offer solutions and of course, apologize. Moins

The FlexPro Group

Tell me about a Pharma project?

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I went into full detail on commercialization, Cell Therapy formulation, SDLH approach, TPP, clinical and regulatory standards, design process, Process development plan, cell therapy harvesting, how the product was manufactured, actual process characterization, project requirements, product visualization AND design, and the EVMS budget management process I took to get to the finish line. The interviewer didnt have a CLUE as to what Pharma Project Management was about. #Laughable Moins


Why are you coming to Safeway? When can you start ? Can you commute? and would you take a drug test ? Sorry, but not much more, nothing out of the norm.

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Yes or no problem, I needed a job at that time

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software

If I knew what they did as a company

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They are a pharmacy software company for independent pharmacies.

Evolent Health

Q: Several personality and behavioral questions.

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A: Be honest and prepare. A lot of theese questions are specific to the role.

Raley's / Bel Air / Nob Hill

what changes would you make

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I said I would rotate shifts to make it fare for everyone,, Would request Saturday deliveries of drug order be started again. Cut hours of operation from 8:30to 10 to 9 to 9 and 9-7 on Weekends to 9 to 5:30. Make sure medication errors and trends that occur in the pharmacy are shared. and known by staff members to cut down errors... Moins


How soon I can start my new position

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Two weeks


If I would take the job.

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