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Environmental Protection Agency
On a demandé à un Physical Scientist ( Environmental )...28 juillet 2015

Questions related to UIC, Hydrology, USDW, oil and gas.

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I did pretty good since I study the job position before the interview and watched YouTube videos related to the position. Moins

US Army

Can you work independently?

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How do you handle negotiation and working with regulators?

Environmental Protection Agency

Tell me about a time you presented technical or scientific information to state regulators. What was the out come? Tell me about your experience reviewing and interpreting scientific data. How did you use this data to form a conclusion? Did the data support your original assumptions? Why the EPA? Why do you want to work in this division? Other multi-part behavioral questions like the example above.

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I answered them based on my previous experiences in similar situations.

US Department of Energy

Please explain a bad experience you have had with a customer

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I remember this one because for me it was the hardest. I haven't worked in the service industry in many years, and this job does not require interacting with traditional "customers," so it came out of left field. I explained my experience working with a difficult member of a group engineering task. Moins

Environmental Protection Agency

Tell me about 3 professional accomplishment.

Environmental Protection Agency

What are your short and long-term goals?

Element Materials Technology

do you have customer service experience and describe it.


The questions about my research were well-thought out, but none of them were too challenging because they were questions I had answered before. Most of the interview questions seemed to be focused on assessing how amenable I would be to working in policy research, given that my background was more technical data analysis and physics research. So there was recognition that I would be making a bit of change in my career by coming to RAND, and most people seemed to be trying to assess how I felt about that. It was more gauging my interests and attitude than my technical expertise, I think.

Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.

Do you have experience or knowledge in cold/ hot x-rays?

Environmental Protection Agency

8 questions, all of which were pretty standard interview questions. Nothing specifically related to science or the position, moreso in the realm of handing adversity, etc.

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