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Daelim Industrial
On a demandé à un Piping Designer...7 septembre 2011

Do you have experince in piping layout?

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Yes, I have. For the whole four years in my current company, I'm doing lot of piping layout. Moins


About myself and my past expereince and projects.

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I am good in Technical. which i have answered properly.

Hi Sir

Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG

about isometric

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bill of material, paiting, temp and pressure

Isometric means drawing iknow isometric drawings for the job ican do very well


do you know cadworx

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about how work modeling piping which you work software?

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i was relax for answers


how are you today?

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I'm good


What is my education and work history?

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I provided my colleges attended, degrees earned and my work related history which consisted of part-time work during college years. Moins

Hess Corporation

describe your expertise in adapting to harsh climate conditions.

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I have had plenty north slope hazard training and have an extensive outdoor survival skills set accumulated since chlldhood. Moins

S&B Infrastructure

Did I have experience meeting design package deliverables to the Client?

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Yes. As an experienced Piping Designer, I know that the Client has a schedule to keep and deserves to know what can be accomplished and when it can be accomplished Moins


They asked how you would design a pipe

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you in turn would ask what kind, system etc

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