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On a demandé à un Outside Plant Engineer...9 septembre 2017

What is the most difficult type of person that you have had to deal with and how did you manage to work with them?

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A pretty straight forward question. Answer honestly, but avoid saying anything directly negative about the individual. Moins

Your job is not to change people! There are only the following possibilities: 1. They are right and you are wrong 2. You are right and they are wrong 3. You both are wrong 4. You both are right. In any case, you should listen, if asked give you opinion, DO NOT GIVE NEGATIVE OPINION AT WORK TO ANYONE ABOUT ANYONE. Try to have a positive outlook and leave the negativity at bay. Discuss your issues with your colleagues outside work. Moins

Probably someone who doesn't want to listen, or who's intention is less to find a solution and more to vent their frustrations. To deal with them I would just do my best to listen and be understanding and offer help wherever i could. Moins


They asked me just some basic questions for namesake- Like what do i do in my current company, what have I done in my previous job etc.

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Dear Ms.Peters, I read your reply. Unfortunately I personally had a very different and a bad experience even though your statistics might suggest a different picture. Though I appreciate your efforts at replying back, unfortunately I am no more interested in any opportunities in Lahmeyer. Nevertheless, I wish you and the company all the best for future. Moins

Hyundai Engineering and Construction

Can you survive in Korean company?

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Gerber Products

What is your greatest weakness?

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Always tackled this question by saying I was a perfectionist and that spent too much time on details. Offered a plan to help overcome this weakness Moins

Rise Technical Recruitment

what is the reason for leaving your previous company?

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I am looking for something new in my job and I want become growth in my knowledge Moins

The Raymond Corporation

General questions and technical questions

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Answer according to your experience


What is a feeder line?

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I described what a feeder line was

Mondelēz International

Give an example of a time when you had to be relatively quick in coming to a decision.

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Told them about a time I was faced with a huge problem when managing an event and I had to solve it on the spot. Moins

Flint Hills Resources

Typical behavior questions. "Tell me about a time when..." -Some on conflict with others you have worked with -Some on when something didn't go right -Talking through your projects in general from past experience

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Use examples that you can set up well and describe your actions. Be prepared for a few follow up questions on your answer. Not that difficult if you tell the truth. Moins

What is your greatest strength?

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This is a good, straightforward response. You know what you're good at, you sound proud of it, and it's a talent that's valuable in any job. Moins

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