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Jeddah Cables Company
On a demandé à un Plant Manager...6 novembre 2016

What are you the daily tasks of your job? (This is the most difficult question). Why you need to leave your current work.

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Frist I have to check the status of the plant by quick tour, and then I have to meet the shift leader then check the mails and make the daily operation meeting with my staff Moins

above the candidate give to very good answered, I will go with above answered

Make sure the flight is departed on time with all safety and all passenger and doc. Moins

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Hobbs Bonded Fibers

Friday - Can you start Monday?

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The termination process was almost quicker than the hiring process - after 29 consecutive 14-16 hour days days in a plant where the ambient temperature was 112-116 with no plans to address. Moins



Are you available to relocate?

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Not at this time.

Sorry not willing to relocate however for the right job would definitely be willing to drive a distance Moins

Club Coffee

my management style

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fair and consistent


Sanderson Group Australia

Where Do you see yourself in next 10 Years

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Consulting Industries on Operational Excellence


Safety or quality - which is the # 1 priority.

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Both needs to be # 1. If you have a safe workplace that translates to a good quality product. Moins

Safety is our value not just priority.

Iron Mountain

Why is a manhole cover "round"

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Sorry, you lose... A manhole cover is round because the round cover can never fall through the opening designed for the cover in the first place. If the covers were square, for instance, the cover could be turned/angled and fall through the opening. Moins

I answered - It needs to be round to fit the round hole.

About my most difficult problem ocures in my carrier

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I face many difficult problems in carrier so I cannot Explain all

what kind of experience do you have with production plants/ automation/ large equipment/ bearing and conveyors?

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I grew up as a farmer so it all came second nature to me as I had been around that kind of stuff my entire life. when it came to long working hours, I was taught it did not matter how long it took just make sure you get it done and done correctly. be on time always, and if not let somebody know. Moins

Bonsal American

What kind of management style do I have?

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Vertical - It's the most efficient. I have a well-defined chain of command. Employees report to the person directly above them in the organizational structure. Each person is responsible for a specific area or set of duties. Moins

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