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On a demandé à un Portfolio Accountant...18 novembre 2020

How do you meet tight deadlines

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An example of such a situation recently was when a client placed a large order of one of our most popular products but asked if we could make slight modifications to the product I gathered our manufacturing team to come up with a plan, and we decided to contact our suppliers if they could deliver the needed parts for us to modify our product. This already saved us three days. Next, we asked our quality control department to inspect and audit the modified products as it ran on our production lines. This saved us an additional two days that we needed to meet the deadline. Moins


Questions about competing priorities and conflict with clients

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I talked about time management and communication with managers. With regards to conflict i talked about being a professional and communicating with the client to understand what their needs are, and providing solutions in a professional manner. Moins


Are you willing/ready to work long hours after 6 ?

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Yes, of course

Magneti Marelli

The questions were standard interview questions and as well as technical. The director seemed to focus on specific areas of the role and not the entire role when trying to ensure that I had the necessary experience.

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I answered the questions as best as possible with specific examples to show how I have the experience. Moins


Connaissance sur les lettres grecques

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Delta gamma vega theta rho

State Street

On some days, would you be able to come in at work at 6:00 AM to get the work done.

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If I need to come in early or stay late to get the work done, I will.

Rendall and Rittner

What is prepayment and accruals?

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I explained in the simplest way, so I could show that if needed I could explain prepay and accruals for a non-finance person Moins

TAG Associates

I was asked about my current job.

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Went over my actual job.

State Street

Why did you choose the school you went too?

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Because of its outstanding business reputation


introduce yourself

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Any experience related to the job?

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