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On a demandé à un Portfolio Management Group-Fixed Income Analyst...21 novembre 2010

You have a birthday cake and have exactly 3 slices to cut it into 8 equal pieces. How do you do it?

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Assuming the cake is square: slice 1: cut horizontally to create 2 equal pieces slice 2: cut vertically to create 4 equal pieces slice 3: line up all 4 pieces of cake side by side and cut horizontally to create 8 equal pieces. don't stack, it will ruin the frosting. Moins

Cut each slice into 3 slices. Then eat one of them.

Slice it horizontally across the middle creating two equal halves top and bottom. Then simple two slice cross from above like normal. Moins

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

You have 100 quarters, 10 heads, 90 tails up in a dark room where you can't see the quarters. How do you divide them into 2 piles where you have an even amount of heads in each pile?

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Take the 90 quarters that are tails and split them into two piles, 45 in each. Then take 5 heads and place into each stack, and you'll have an equal amount of heads in each stack. Moins

It is simple you only have 10 heads in front of you because 90 tails are in a darker room which you can't see. So make a pile of 5-5 of heads. Moins

randomly split the 100 quarters into two equal piles, 50 quarters per pile. Because of probability, that'll get you fairly close to an even amount of heads in each pile Moins

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NatWest Group

A repeated case study used for over 12 months now.

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Answers are easily available

Question. 1. After how many days you got offer letter?

Have you got the offer letter as till now they have not provided offer letter to me. I was also interviewed on 17th Nov. Moins

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If you had 100 million dollars to do whatever with it you like, what would you do? Would you invest it? If so, what would be your first trade?

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I would have a chain of liquor stores in poor neighborhoods, buy properties, put 10% in CDs, and look to invest in tech companies that deal with renewable resources (solar,wind, water). Moins

Would Help Juanita expand her horizons! #1 Investment: Myself! (Get out of Debt! and go on vacation!) #2 Buying Foreclosures, Flipping them and Incorporating as a Rental Property Company #3 Investing Those Proceeds #4 Buy my own Land, Build my Own House to which will run on renewable resources! #5 Donate To many charities that support our environment, our animals, and nothing to do with humans! #6 Live Comfortably, Humbly, and Happily! Moins

Oh Carlos, how boring. I'd buy 100 million shares of Enron, then move the rest to my bank account. Moins

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Hall Capital Partners

Tell me about yourself

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Spoke to current position, previous and where I'd like to go next.

How long was the process until you got an email after the interview? What date? How many people did you interview with? Moins

Hall Capital Partners

Excel task - creating spreadsheet with portfolio returns based on given information

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Straightforward, calculated returns per portfolio

Regarding the excel test, are there any advanced excel metrics/formulas needed to know to complete it successfully? Moins

Hall Capital Partners

Tell me about the different asset classes that we, at Hall Capital Partners, invest in? Tell me what Hall Capital Partners does?

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The incorrect answer, "you are an asset management firm that manages client wealth... BLAH BLAH BLAH" They want something specific, and they do NOT have a clearly defined answer. If you respond with their description it will be insufficient! Moins

NISA Investment Advisors, LLC


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Would you be able to tell how much time it took to hear back from NISA after the second phone interview? Moins

I got my next round of interviews scheduled the day after my second phone interview. Moins

International Farming Corporation

Why IFC?

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Interesting space, being able to invest in real assets.

Huntington National Bank

background and skills

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whatever was on my resume

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