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Emory University School of Medicine
On a demandé à un Postdoctoral Research Fellow...6 mai 2015

Questions were mainly research specific

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I tried to answer as good as I could

Hi, the information you posted in helpful, however I would like to know what kind of research question did they ask you? Werethe question were related to your past research experience, the techniques that you manage, or about your research plan? Did they ask you for a specific technique? Do you live in Atlanta? If don't, they pay you travel expensives? Thank you so much!!!! Moins

I strongly depends on the person you interview with. When you apply for a Postdoc position you mainly talk to the PI who wants to hire you. You will probably also talk to people in the lab because you are supposed to work with them. I have seen interviews that lasted an entire day, including giving a talk, lunch, talk to potential collaborators and dinner. If you apply for a T32 position they may be able to pay for your travel expenses. So it really varies from case to case. Read up on stuff they are doing in the lab. Show interest, Good luck. Moins

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How do you integrate yourself into an established team? What do you do when things do not go as planned at work? What does this job mean to you and how will you use your experiences here?

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I have to know to each member of my team and work with them, observe there work . Moins

I will get to know each person on the team, observe where gaps lie and use my strengths to fill those gaps. I gave an example about when things go awry for the second question--an example from work, directly related to the job. I described how my experiences relate to the job and talked about what my impression of what the job is. Moins

Monash University

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years from now?

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Answer based on where you want to progress into? Research or industry?

McMaster University

Can you do the work required?

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Yes. I have the skillset.

Whether I was planning on publishing many papers, and with which impact factor.

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That I was writing a number of papers, to be submitted to high-impact journals.


Why do you want to join my group

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- Great publications, - A lot of resources to do cutting edge research, - Awesome reseach group culture (I already knew some of the people working in the group). Moins

Harvard University

Was asked to propose ideas for projects. Not unusual in academia. Had to give them some thought.

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Came up with few proposals aligned with current interests of the group.

Harvard University

What kind of research do you want to work on in the future?

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I had prepared a research agenda.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Why am I interested in that position?

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I explained them my background, PhD and how I would fit into that role.

Massachusetts General Hospital

What questions do you have for me?

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Be prepared and read the accomplishments of every person you are interviewing with. Moins

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