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General Dynamics Electric Boat
On a demandé à un Engineer I- Electrical Power Distribution...13 janvier 2020

Q: What are my likes and dislikes in college? Q: How do you feel like moving to the east coast?

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Did you interview at the Groton facility or just over the phone?


How long did it take for them to let you know if you got an offer or not?

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IndusInd Bank

What work have you done? work related and experience related

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Dod they communicate to yoy about the offer or not then?

No I have followed up many times. They are not answering call... I just asked 5% more than what they were offering... Moins

How much increment did they offer?

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A and B are 32 bit numbers with first 16 bits valid in A and next 16 bits valid in B. (The non-valid bits aren't necessarily 0). WAP that adds A and B without using arithmetic operator.

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Mask the valid bits and make invalid bits 0. Then do A|B to get the ans

( A & 0xff00 ) | ( B & 0x00ff )

(A&0xffff0000) | (B&0x0000ffff)


They asked me just some basic questions for namesake- Like what do i do in my current company, what have I done in my previous job etc.

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Dear Ms.Peters, I read your reply. Unfortunately I personally had a very different and a bad experience even though your statistics might suggest a different picture. Though I appreciate your efforts at replying back, unfortunately I am no more interested in any opportunities in Lahmeyer. Nevertheless, I wish you and the company all the best for future. Moins


why is matching required?

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Maximum power transfer.

Matching in MOSFET transistor inverters is necessary because the electrons that move in the NMOS transistor move at a faster rate than the holes that move in the PMOS transistor. This means when a signal is received, the NMOS will react before the PMOS. To equalize this, they transistors must be matched (by adjusting their widths) so that their transition times are the same. Moins


1)WAP to count the number of set bits where no of iterations must be equal to the number of set bits, irrespective of the total number of bits. Now make this number of iterations 1/8th. 2) WAP for ceiling function of 2 nos. eg: Ceiling(5/3) should return 3.

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int r = n1 / n2 if(n1 % n2) r += 1

2) but ceiling (4/2) should return 2. take care of that case


what else ??

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i made trust relationship between tablets and mobile phone and tourism i made an advertisement in a hotels about making one piece for free and change reception style from Moins

i believe trust relationship with onther area to make anew market and launch to our coustmers Moins


What are the design considerations for a power supply input filter for a satellite application? Given these considerations, design an input filter for a 100 Watt buck converter. Prioritize small size and low weight. - Input voltage range is nominally 28 VDC (18 VDC to 36 VDC). - Output voltage is 5 VDC. - Switching frequency is 100 kHz. - Assume power return and chassis are isolated > 1 Meg ohm. - Environment is not pressurized Please document and describe your filter and state any assumptions made to complete the assignment.

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They want you to take several weeks to do a detailed design and do this in 2 or 3 evenings. Several weeks is greater than several evenings. They have no clue as to how to find good talent. Moins

OMG! That's ridiculous. They don't have to hire you if you give them an answer they like, they just use it and you get nothing and like it. Moins


Object level security and row level security.

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Row level security apple on individual row in the table or dataset. It restrict the user to access entire data set. Once the row level security apply user can select specific section of dataset. Moins


Your experience on hybrid system

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I present my practical and theorical knowledge on the subject

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