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On a demandé à un PowerPoint and Graphic Designer...4 mai 2019

How much time are you able to commit to projects?

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I put the maximum time-25-40 hours per week.

What is the hourly wage like?


What version of PowerPoint do you use?

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(Not my real answer) Does it matter? Versions of software have very small differences and I can go back to an older version, or use a newer version. I use much more advanced software in any version, on any platform, with 7 or 8 different operating systems. Moins

WLT Group

The interviewer repeatedly asked what my current position paid me. When I tried to respectfully decline answering, the interviewer demanded a specific answer, then actually Intimated that I wouldn't know how to handle being paid more (i.e. what Williams Lea was offering). It was a humiliating and disappointing experience, I expected better of an established firm.

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Your current pay is none of their business. I work for this company, and it's a constant struggle. The bureaucracy is insane. Moins


how did you overcome the biggest challenge so far?

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Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar

Do you have experience in PowerPoint job?

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Yes i have experience about 5 years


Your past experience

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I told them everything in s=certain details regarding the companies I had worked for and what I did there. Moins


One of the questions was, will I be able to give my time and stay late for work if required

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My answer was yes


Why do you want to work here?

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(Not my real answer) Can it get more ridiculous? It's a temp job. I won't be here after 6 weeks. I go in, do my job, don't socialize, don't get involved in company politics, and go home. Moins

The Startup Expert

Will i be able to do the job? What will be the price for the whole project ?

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1. yes 2. 15$ for a (15-20) page PowerPoint presentation.

Fitch Learning

The skill test was very specific and required the opening of two PowerPoint presentations and the formatting of an old PowerPoint version file using a new PowerPoint slide master template. Then they required the scanning of six slides and fitting them to the new form as well as editing grammar and object positions to align to new template. The next step was to create an email explaining what was done and address it to the program manager. Time ran out and I was unable to perform a third test that required grammar and spelling checking. I was asked about my salary expectations. Interviewer did not find my salary request agreeable. I felt it would have been better to first test my skills and then to discuss my qualifications as the interviewer did not share test results. Merely said that my capabilities were better than what he had so far seen in other candidates. There was no follow up to let me know one way or the other the result of interview. I would have appreciated a rejection than having to wait for days without reply from interviewer. I reached out and was ignored.

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Would have appreciated if the skill test was more general. Felt like i was performing work without pay than being assessed. Moins

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