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On a demandé à un Private Client Advisor...27 avril 2013

Why should we hire you.

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Most of the questions were run of the mill like this. Did not feel the local managers knew how to do hard interviews. Moins

Marsh McLennan

Job challenges in my current position

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Handling many tasks at once.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

How would you present and investment recommendation to a client?

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Easy, just profile the client and present a recommendation.

William Blair

What do you know about the markets?

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What do you know about William Blair?

Charles Schwab

What experience do you have? What makes you the right fit for this role? Are you willing to relocate? Are you willing to pursue other roles in the company?

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My experience is that I worked for this company for years, and have experience managing clients and their households. I feel that helping individuals and families achieve their goals is important and that the company, Charles Schwab, upholds these standards of providing the best service and advice. I am willing to relocate to the position I applied for. After reviewing the role, this position at Charles Schwab is best aligned with my experience and expertise. Moins

JP Morgan Securities

Can you work in a team enviornment

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Would you like to be hired?

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Yes I would.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Tax technical questions related to potential scenarios I might face in the job.

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Describe your current employment.

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Went through details, mainly as list on the resume.

Foundation Source

The usual nonsense about my background, examples of how I've dealt with certain situations before, what would I do if x happened.

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With logic.

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