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Goldman Sachs
On a demandé à Private Wealth Management Associate...11 mai 2016

Interviewer asked hardline market questions after examining my resume. He even asked me what I saw in the market.

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I provided answers I thought were adequate but never got a Super call.


Tell me about your professional experience.

Goldman Sachs

Given all the negative press Goldman has been getting, why would you want to work for us?

J.P. Morgan

Tell me about a time you worked with data A time you had a conflict with your team Proudest accomplishment


Name a difficult decision you had to make recently?

Goldman Sachs

Tell me about something you have read recently in the news about Goldman.


Name an experience that shaped you in College?

Morgan Stanley

What stock would you recommend and why? What are the companies financials like? Why do you think it is a good investment?

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