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On a demandé à un Senior Problem Manager...19 août 2021

What would be your plan for getting up to speed in this role?

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Engage with members of the team consistently, build relationships that foster partnership and growth, and volunteer for new and challenging tasks often. Moins


Would you be available for a chat?

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How you see or have experience with Automation in Problem Manager job?

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I know the theory but in reality in my previous company we have not went so far. We were having difficulties with the basic functions. But I know the concept and want to gain more practical experience at your company as automated data feeds are the key for future incidents avoidance or capacity planning. Moins


Describe Problem Management life-cycle

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1) Identifying and collecting Incident details 2) Identify the problem areas 3) Find solutions to the problem area 4) Implement solution 5) Monitor 6) Closure Moins


What are the roles and responsibilities I'm doing in my previous organisation

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I have explained very thoroughly about my complete roles and responsibilities of problem manager Moins


There were no standard questions, it was more like a 2h conversation between MIMs about the processes. tools and techniques.

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If you know what you are doing and why, you will be able to answer any question.


Why does ___ no longer work for customers?

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Talked my way through all possible scenarios, and elminated possible causes until pinning down the answer, then worked out a solution. (Just interviewed yesterday, so of course no offer....yet) Moins

Siemens Healthineers

Sie habe technische Fragen gefragt

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Ich habe alles geantwortet aber muss man nicht nur auf dem Technische Fragen beachten sondern auch auf der Sprache. Moins

Cisco Systems

Why are you requesting to move to another position within Cisco

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I am looking to advance my career


Tell me about your latest achievement

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automated baby bed swinger with Arduino

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