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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas | HCSC
On a demandé à un Process Improvement-Change Management Analyst...29 janvier 2016

Have you created an processes using swim lane modeling?

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That I had not. I used MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams.

I had not used swim lane modeling in the past but I explained my experience using MS Visio flowcharts and activity diagrams. Moins


PNC Financial Services Group

Explain a situation where you had to navigate a difficult political landscape.

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I described my situation when I first entered my last job. The established members of my team weren't very receptive to new authority but I was able to show them the respect and support that they needed in order to gain their trust and make a great work environment. Moins

Stick to the FACTS.

I explained some issues on my current project.


How have you dealt w/ requests to do something unethical?

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Never do something you believe to be unethical. Instead, work with whoever is asking it of you to find an ethical and effective solution. Moins

I don't.

I haven't been asked to do anything unethical.

Resolution Health Strategies

Aren't you overqualified for this role?

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I shared my passion for the type of work, and the opportunity to be working on the ground floor. Moins



What is the most effective way you have found to accomplish results in a large organization where you have to convince people who do not work for you to go along with your ideas?

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Kill them with kindness, teamwork, a joint plan, and the ability to escalate to help them when they need help. There is no "I" in TEAM Moins

OSF HealthCare

What is Process Improvement about

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Discussed projects I successfully led from my 10 years of previous project management experience; being a team member/leader, facilitator, trainer, negotiator, good listener. Utilizing 6 Sigma, which is the methodology OSF uses, to validate the problem, measure, analyze and find the best solution. Moins

Making life better for all involved.

Technology Transfer Services

Basically what ever topic you present for your practice interview, someone will be pulled in to make sure they ask difficult and obscure questions about the topic to test your knowledge boundaries.

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If you don't know the answer don't BS. Tell them you will go back, look it up, and get back to them. Moins

Trophy Foods

What do you know about this position

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I knew pretty much about the role .


Why should we hire you?

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I talked about my Qualifications..

Woolworths Group

Specifics for the role. Non-technical environment

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Giving the specifics details required for the job

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