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On a demandé à un Procurement Agent...18 février 2015

Questions are situational so come prepared to tell them about real life work situations that you rescued

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Boeing does use selected recruiting agencies for contract (temp) work. You will interview with Boeing though. Moins

Overall experience was average. I worked at the company for 9 years

I received an email from a recruiting company for Boeing procurement agent in WA. Is this the norm? Or Boeing HR would contact you? Moins


On what criteria you will select the vendor for procuring the item.

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Better price, Quality, item should be exact as required, Lead time.

What is operation round


What makes you exceptional and separates you from other candidates. More specifically what separates you from a more senior and experienced buyer who is also seeking this position.

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I felt that the fact that I would work for less and somewhat suggested that. But also made note of my diverse work experience. Moins

Thank you for the answer and sorry about the negative. I pressed the wrong button. Moins

Toronto Community Housing

What is your understanding of the concept "best value for money"?

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My understanding of it looking at cases on a case by case basis, using tested metrics for baseline. Also, seeing the bigger picture. Not making decisions based on variables such as scope, time and money - while they are essential decision causing factors - is to understand how this design is made and what are their ripple effects. Moins


Tell me about a time when you handled a safety issue.

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Describe a time when you dealt with someone of a diverse background..

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Told a work story of dealing with someone who spoke a different language and how I worked around that to accomplish the task at hand. Use the star method. Moins


What questions do you have?

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Shared list of questions.

US Embassy

What would you consider in a contract that involved a gardening company for the Embassy?

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Applicable restrictions on the personnel that can be deployed for the contract. Eg : Nationalities. Security clearances. Background check requirements. Turn around time for clearing those requirements in the event of replacement or change in employees. Costs of the process. Manpower scheduling requirements. How much advance scheduling notice is required. Allowance for sudden replacements due to unforeseen circumstances. Equipment restrictions if any. Restriction on chemical usage, storage or quantities. Clearance requirements of any. Cost and leadtime for the process. Moins


Just trying to reconcile my previous experience with the job I wanted

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The pay offered was very low


how do you handle diversity?

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understanding the diffferent culture norm , applying those difference experience to make the company stronger and examing your own biases and behavior to avoid stereotyping Moins

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