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On a demandé à un Creative Director Producer Editor...22 décembre 2011

Did I have a current Girlfriend.

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No I was single and wanted to remain single.

Is that even legal to ask?

I am a female and straight so no.

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When could I give the owners names and numbers of executives at studios in Hollywood

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I would bring names and numbers to the table once I felt comfortable they could properly handle the connection with respect and confidence. Moins

How would you help us develop our writing process?

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I would gather subjects and topics from the past so that we could move from the past to the relevant present topic instead of connecting it backwards. Moins


How to fix the technical problems of a computer work station.

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That is not my job.


How many years of video experience do you have?

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10 years of experience in tv and video


About how my experience relates to the role interviewed for.

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An overview of my experience and how it applies to the open position and team.


Tell us how you would market our walk-in feature via video without having someone actually walk into the store.

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This question stumped me because I couldn't come up with an answer on the spot and I felt they wanted someone who is able to be creative right then and there without much thought. Unfortunately, I'm not built like that. I believe this is one of the reasons why I wasn't offered the position. Moins


Do you want the job?

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Radiate Media

Tell us a little about yourself...

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Was not overly general, kept it relevant to the position.

Background in writing, editing, promotions for reality development department.

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Based on reviewing my prior experience indicated on my resume.

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