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On a demandé à un Coordinator Project Manager...15 août 2016

How much experience do you have?

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I have worked for more than 8 years managing projects in different areas with different projects, scheduling civil construction and installation of towers Moins

I have worked for more than 8 years managing projects in different areas with different projects scheduling construction and installation of towers Moins

Elite Group (Canada)

Willing to work after hours?

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Willing to work if the said project is badly needed.

when I was handling the project I see to it before the day ends the project will be finished. Moins


Q: Let’s say that you have 25 horses, and you want to pick the fastest 3 horses out of those 25. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time because there are only 5 tracks. What is the minimum number of races required to find the 3 fastest horses without using a stopwatch?

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A: 7 Split them into five groups of five horses and have five races. Then, have a race between the five winners. The winner of this race, call it 1a, is the fastest horse. From its initial race, the second and third horses (call them 2a and 3a) have a chance of being second and third fastest. From the initial race of the horse which arrived second in the winners race (call it 1b), the second horse (call it 2b) has the chance of being third fastest. The horse which arrived third in the winners race (1c) also has a chance of being third fastest. Have an extra race between 2a, 3a, 1b, 2b and 1c. The three fastest horses are 1a and the two winners of this race. Moins

This is an incorrect answer. For example, every single horse in the last heat (heat 5) could be faster than the fastest horse in lets say (heat 1). So to solve this you would need to take the top 3 horses from each heat in the case of the above happening. You could then combine into groups of 5 to race and continue the process until you get closer to the end. After race 4 you will have 6 horses and need to dbl race here at this level to make the correct eliminations. Moins

Agora Financial

If you could have a drink with two famous and/or historical figures, who would they be?

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Kid Rock and George Jones's

James Hatfield. Merle Haggard


Case study: when Product Managers business KPI and Designers point of view (based on the user Research result) on product were opposing each other, what can you do to solve it?

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Change the KPI? Shouldn't the product follows user's needs?

All the decision should be user-centric


How can Curology improve?

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Honestly, as other reviewers have stated I would be wary of how much free advice you give out to Curology at this point. They seem to get plenty of great ideas from the Case Studies they require from candidates and their interviews. Moins

Yes. they have interviewers go through case studies and presents them. Sounds like free advice for them. Moins

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

What made me interested in become a project manager?

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I was working on contract as project coordinator hired to support 3 Sr. Executive Vice President on Core Engineering and their Project Management, IT, Scrum and Development Teams. I was ask to take on task the our client administrative asst. said she could do become of the big data needed to collect from both of our Us and offshore teams to get contact list corrected for upcoming migrations. I was able to find way to get done before deadline date and he said that I would be great project manager. Took off from there to where I am now. Moins

Ross Recruiter Manager is Awesome!!! honest, matches roles that best fit you and client needed!! Moins

Given a sample client list of issues and business situation and asked to role play as the contracted Project Manager discussing the issues, potential methods to identify root-causes, pick a method and draw up the WBS, and give recommendations based on sample project conclusions.

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Way too long to write!!

HCT Packaging

Why did I want to work for them?

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I was passionate about the industry and I wanted to learn more about PD

Basin Street Properties

They asked me about my previous experience and if I felt I would be a good fit for the job. The overall experience of the interview was very positive and I felt good about the meeting.

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I provided them with my previous experience and told them I was very interested in the position. I enjoy working with seniors and felt this would be a great fit. Moins

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