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On a demandé à un Lead Design Engineer...15 avril 2011

Most of the technical questions focused on power supply design. For this position this is a one of the more difficult tasks so they want to know how switching regulators work and different trade offs involved.

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What you said is correct but they are more interested in you showing that you understand how those work togeather - ie how the currents are fllowing and what actually effects efficency. For the switchers they use in there design they are using syncrounous switchers in polyphase designs. These are concerned with getting every last bit of efficency out of a design at the minimum space usage and lowest cost. Your efficency will be dictacted by your choise of mosfets (rds vs gate charge), switching frequency, inductor loss and copper loss. The most important thing is to demonstrate that your understanding all of this like it is second nature. Moins

Number of different questions regarding power supplies such as: Describe how buck regulator works? What effects efficiency? Describe effect on output when step response on load occurs. Moins

Buck regulator is easy to design. A switch, a diode and an inductor with bypass/decoupling capacitors at input and output Efficiency = load power/ total power Effect of step on output will be overshoot, ripples, before it settle down to actual voltage level. What were your answers? Was there any other questions asked regarding digital design? Moins

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There wasn't anything difficult, just extremely bizarre.

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Sadly In this case it would be very difficult to fix something that is inherently broken. I applaud your optimism and wish the best for anyone’s effort. Moins

Regardless, I was enjoying your well-versed description of the poopy experience..... You are a really good story-teller! Moins

I think its a working progress and for that reason, I would be interested. To be able to come up with ideas for a smooth system is exciting. I would like the challenge. Moins

Virgin Hyperloop

For the one-on-one video interviews, some of them asked me to draw up assembly tooling based on a short prompt.

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Drew the design, which you're given about a minute or less to think about, on a piece of paper and showed it to the camera. Moins

Can you add any details on the prompt that was given?


How many years have you been doing design.

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More than 10

New Work SE

"Design challenge" exercise

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Please see review above


What is your design process

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How do you usually collaborate with other designers


Please come up with a new concept and rough mockup design for our homepage, keeping in mind that 65% of our users are mobile users. • You can choose one section that you would like to improve (e.g. just the header) • The design mock-up does not have to be pixel perfect (you should spend maximum 1 hour on the task) • Please document your thought process – e.g. what do you think of the current homepage? What are your hypotheses? What would you like to test further? • Feel free to be creative with your ideas!

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I documented my findings to be presented over a chat. I explored some aspects of visual design, not limited to improving information architecture and hierarchy using typography, copy for the landing view, and UI designs at gray-scale fidelity. Moins

Cadence Design Systems

Previous experience

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How would you solve a specific product related problem in terms of design? They showed their product and asked me sketch the solution.

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I took a couple of minutes to think on the possible solutions that could come to my mind at that time. Post that I sketched 3-4 solutions in front of them and explained them over video. Moins


1. Stress Strain Diagram 2. BMD and SFD 3. Gear fundamentals (Since I was having 4 years experience in Gear design) 4. Basic bending moment equation 5. Power torque equation

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I explained all the above questions from basics

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