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On a demandé à Design Engineer (Team Leader)...10 août 2016

Your past EXP and high speed design.

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Você conhece a metodologia de design thinking? E como utiliza no dia a dia?

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Conheço a metodologia já há 4 anos. Utilizo para buscar alternativas para solução de problemas de comunicação e na criação de campanhas de marketing. Moins


Comment gérez-vous l'équilibre entre vie professionnelle et vie privée.

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Je fais mon travail correctement tout en respectant mes horaires pour assurer un bon ratio travail/vie personnelle. Moins

Imagination Technologies

How to synchronize a signal crossing two clocks derived from the same PLL or same Oscillator.

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It is a tricky question. Giving the typical answer 'use an n-stage synchronizer and use the MTBF formula to size it', is not enough. The usual MTBF formula cannot be blindly used here, as it assumes the two clocks to be statistically independent. If both clocks are derived from the same PLL output, the hypothesis does not apply and the MTBF formula can give optimistic results. In an ideal jitter-free environment, the phase relationship between signal and receiving clock could be fixed rather than uniformly distributed (which is the assumption made in MTBF formula). With fixed clock relationship you don't synchronize with n-stage synchronizer structure. You are supposed to manage the phase and make sure it is always within predetermined range. This is true in theory. In practise, the jitter exists, and it will affect both clocks in a way that a certain amount of statistical independece is introduced (the clocks are not perfectly mutually correlated when reaching the flops). In consumer space (where poor MTBF can be tolerated) we could still decide to use an n-stage synchronizer structure, and adopt the typical MTBF formula, but maybe with extra margin to give more protection. This is what most companies do today. Moins

Goken America

Mostly on my background. They did the behaviour questions and ask me to submit the quiz which talks more about my experience and knowledge. Techical interview was easy mostly on what I have been doing and they were asking me the same question from the quiz. looks like they were matching my answer

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Pretty good

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc.

Tell me about a time where you had to lead your team through significant change.

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I discussed using the change curve to identify where each of us are on it. Next I identified my own resilience and transition. This was followed by meeting collectively to discuss what we know and don't know and answer questions. I then met with each person individually to allay any fears based on the knowns. Also, discussed new expectations and mindset. Lastly, I asked each one what can I expect from each person and if I can count on them. Moins

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Comment avez-vous appris à manager et quelles sont vos méthodes ?

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