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Thanks in advance to prepare a design proposal and present to us the approach and the UX methodology you used to work on the following task: Brief : deliverable - Homepage redesign by bringing a Community and social dimension to the experience - Version iOS or Android - Inspiration from our Design system ( as enclosed to this mail)

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I cataloged my experience and provided a two-page critique of the design challenge, as well as spent about 20 hours on the design exercise. I wasn't supplied a brand guideline, so didn't attempt to make the experience exactly as the brand's. I also took an issue with passing along spec work while not being compensated, so used a generic brand so to keep from the IP being assumed as the company's property. (I know, that it even had to come to that :( ...)

It's problematic to say the least. I think the other issue with this whole process is that the process to put the work together was considerate and careful. The requests and the organization's response to any of what I sampled was short and came off thoughtless. It's really hard to know or gauge the reason, as there was no feedback as to why the decision was made. I like to think that these interactions are indicative of the type of company I would pass on. Did you receive any feedback for your exercise?

Il m'a été demandé de présenter mes derniers projets

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Task in site: spec work. I was given a document with user stories to solve, obvious points where they are blocked in their own product, and try to solve by interviewing people. I was given also access to their staging environment so I could focus even more on doing free work.

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What is the project that you are the most proud of? and Why?

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Second phase of the interview: Create an app in 48h, helped by 3 standard wireframes that a Product Owner could do.

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quel est le rôle d'un product designer selon vous ? quelle serait votre méthode pour mettre en place de la dataviz dans notre produit ?

Why Datadog? What you would/wouldn't like to do at Datadog? product design awareness questions, brainstorm on products and how to improve them, portfolio review...

Questions with HR: the regular questions about process of working, experience, etc.

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