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The Trade Group
On a demandé à un Production...28 juillet 2013

what have you failed at

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I failed the 10th grade.

I failed at being my best friends best friend.

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Toyota North America

How many sick days have you had previous employer

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Honestly 2 days in 1 hall year

I think 10 people's

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Tell me about a time when you had to make a decision without all the information you needed to make the decision. What was the decision and what was the outcome.

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I was asked how much lean and safety experience I had.

I would have to rely on personal experience and how to prepare for the unexpected. It is difficult to make a decision without all the information needed but history of how similar situations have played out will ensure a reasonable outcome. Moins

I felt I wasted my time even interviewing with GE. I glad I took a different job at another company. Moins

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Mauser Packaging Solutions

Do you work more efficiently with a team or alone?

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I work best when I am with someone else.

Don't have nobody on my back


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Nature's Touch

Do you have any production work experience?

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I have experience in production 03years

I have experience in production 03years

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Simmons Foods

Will you be able to work Monday through Saturday?

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How to rename a set of *.txt files to *.c

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mv cant be used because it will try to find a file with name *.c. So need to use for loop kind of thing. for example: 1)for i in `find / -type f -name '*.txt' -print` do x=`cut -d'.' -f1` mv $i $x.c done 2) ls *.txt|sed -e 's/.*/mv & &/' -e 's/.txt/.c/2'|sh Moins

All of above command may seems good to all of you, but except rename command follow command is more compatible to do such task: find / -name "*.txt" -exec mv {} {}.c \; Moins

By using alias name = sai

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Nespresso Global

Comment s'appelle votre enfant.

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Alors ?

Oui il y’a examen basique de français, math, et informatique.


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Motherson Sumi Systems

Tell us something about yourself

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General description about college, family, general interests and technical skills. Moins

I am Neeraj Sethi

Presently working in Unisol India pvt ltd

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Can you be on time everyday? Can you drive?

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I will be there on time and even on weekends if you need me, I’m very hard working and always on time. Moins

Yes I can drive


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