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On a demandé à un Assistant Editor/Production Assistant...31 janvier 2017

They asked for a portfolio of my editing and film work.

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I followed up with a digital portfolio.

Visible Supply Chain Management

What are some of the advanced effects and tools you use regularly in Adobe Premiere?

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I gave them a list of effects I use and explained why I use them.


Are you okay with the hours?

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Hachette Book Group

What kind of books have you read lately? Describe a typical day? What made you consider Hachette?

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Be prepared to provide titles.

Callisto Media

Describe your process.

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She kept holding onto her purse the whole time during my interview. She told me that the CFO is traveling for the next month so they will not conduct another round of interviews until he returns or they don't even know yet. Their interview & onboarding process sounds very disorganized and unprofessional. Moins

Oxford University Press

What was your most significant accomplishment.

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Finishing college on my own without my parents financial help.

Oxford University Press

What kind of work environment do you like?

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Can you be more specific?


How many cups of coffee are drank in London every day?

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Can't remember, just thought it was a stupid question designed to assess 'creativity' when in fact it was just a stupid question. Moins

Mercatus Center

A three-part editing test.

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Tip: have the manual on hand.

Penguin Group

"Describe three situations where you had to solve a difficult problem."

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Hate these questions. Extremely vague, difficult to prepare for, don't really tell the hiring manager much about you, despite what they think. Moins

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