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Truth For Life
On a demandé à un Production Editor...23 janvier 2023

What is one thing you regret about a previous position you had?

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I wish that I had advocated for myself more and secured myself a position of greater influence and stability. Moins

Oxford University Press

Give an example of a time when you failed to achieve you aims on a project.


Give an example of how you have implemented change within your department, and how this was followed up.

Asia Society

When was a time you were a successful negotiator?

American Academy of Neurology

1) What is your preferred communication style?

Visible Supply Chain Management

What are some of the advanced effects and tools you use regularly in Adobe Premiere?

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I gave them a list of effects I use and explained why I use them.


Are you okay with the hours?

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They asked about previous work and experience

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I talked about positive and negative aspects of the previous job


I was asked how I felt about working in/ with groups.

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Me response was that, while I am self motivated, I am extremely flexible and have no issues with working with/assist teammates. If there is something to be done, I am more than willing to step up and help complete the task. Moins

Wolters Kluwer

What do you find challenging? Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your weaknesses? Very bland, generic questions overall.

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Honestly. I said that in five years I'd like to run the department. He did not smile nor appear amused. Moins

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