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Huntsman Corp
On a demandé à un Production Engineer...24 septembre 2022

Behavioral question. Tell me about a time when …


What happened behind ls-l? What happens after you enter a URL in the search engine?

Hayat Kimya

When can you start the job

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I was still a fresh graduate , so i started immediately

Ultium Cells

Describe your academic experiences which will help you in this position.


Why do you think this role would suit you?

Malayan Flour Mills

tell me about yourself and skill


What courses in your educational career best compare to the job description?

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Secure Cloud Computing, relates based to this position. We focused a lot of our time with AWS and got to learn about Virtualization. We also focused our time learning about the difference between OSI Models and TCP/IP models and the structure within their layers Moins

Devon Energy

Tell me about a time when you used already established relationships to influence a team

Devon Energy

Tell me about a time when you handled conflict

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