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On a demandé à un Operations Management - Graduate Program...25 octobre 2017

what do you think an operations manager deals with in a typical day?

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case study is on a manufacturing issue and you have to talk about what you will do to resolve the problem and mitigate any consequences (think about long term and short term solutions). btw you have a strict limit (max 1.5 pages) so do be concise and write NEATLY (if they cant read they cant assess you) group exercise is you are an airline manufacturer and you have to make a product following specific client demands. but you have constraints (budget etc). so you need to solve the problem and justify your actions. hope this helps. best advise i can give is to relax. they are all so friendly. they have a benchmark which they look for so you need to meet it across all 4 activities (you cant excel in 3 but do poorly in the 4th). be enthusiastic and show real motivation and desire to work there (prep some questions you want to ask them as well). Good luck Moins

Can you give me please more information about the questions you have been asked and written scenario? What do you had to do in the group exercise? Moins

Is you have done your research on who the company is, what they do and who their clients are you'll have no problem. Also what the role involves. Case study is a simple, you get a scenario and are asked what you would do (no need to prepare). Group activity is collectively coming do an agreement and then presenting your findings giving appropriate justification. You need to do well in all activities to get an offer Moins

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Hilti Group

Why Hilti

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Talked about how they opportunity to young people, good program etc.

Can you share the question of the business case ?

Can you share the question of the business case ?

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What would you say to an employee who was doing an okay job, but not their best?

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Did you have to do a personality test? Is that what the other assessment was?

It was a personality test/IQ type test

What kind of questions are asked during the personality/IQ test? is there any math? Moins

Burger King

6th question: How many ping-pong balls fit inside of a standard-sized limousine?

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TF you working at burgerking for?

It took me a moment, to understand what the long answer did wrong, I couldnt fathom that I had messed up because I did it a simple way. The first answer was long and ridiculous, plus they tried to find the volume by multiplying by the estimated volume. this had them assuming the ball was 4 inches wide, this is why they work at burger king. the easy way - you take their estimated limo 18x5x6.5 = 585 sq ft. .... you take the ping pong ball, roughly 1.5 diameter. so 1.5*1.5*1.5 = 3.375, call this 3.5, 4, whatever. You look at sq in. inside of a foot, 12x12x12 = 1750 roughly. so 1750/4= about 440 then multiply by the 600 sq ft 440*600= 264,000. 5 times larger than this dude had decided. FOR ANYONE THAT HAS ANYTHING LIKE THIS THEY NEED TO DO: the employer doesnt care if you get the right answer. unless you absolutely need to, -dont do stupid things like the first person and try to find the exact area of a ball, there will be dead space, just assume its a cube (with what ever your question involves, balls, quarters, etc. -Round all your numbers, just not too much, they care that you can figure out the idea, they dont expect you to work it out perfectly. -make sure to ask about the dimension of your subject. what if this limo was a super long one or super short? The manager will want to make sure you know to get the important info without making assumptions. The worst thing you can do is overcomplicate it for no reason and come up with a number far off trying to look fancy. Moins

I needed to calculate the length, width, and height to find the volume of the limousine in the formula Volume= length*width*height. A Rolls-Royce limousine has a length of 18.4 feet, 5.2 feet, and width of 6.5 feet. Therefore the volume would be 621.92 cubic feet. I subtracted the volume of the seats and other parts of the inside of a limousine, and estimated a total of 600 cubic feet. The volume of a sphere is calculated through the formula Volume= 4/3*(pi)(r cubed). The diameter of a ping-pong ball is 1.5 inches, which equates to 1.5*1.5*1.5= about 4 cubic inches. There is 12*12*12 cubic inches in a cubic foot, or about 1,750 cubic inches in a cubic foot. 4/1,750= 0.0022857 cubic feet. Volume= (4/3)(3.14)(0.0022857)= approximately 0.009659. Total volume of limousine 621.668001/Total volume of ping-pong ball 0.009659= 64,362 ping-pong balls can fit in a standard-sized limousine. Moins

Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Started interview with: I'm not going to interview you for the role you applied for as earlier this week I am in a new role and we need a senior manager able to help the inexperienced PMs with providing guidance.

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Confused with initial statement introduced response with "there is no I in team, so whatever is needed, I am accustomed to wearing multiple hats, mentoring and providing guidance. Interviewer comments to Staffing firm was: Not chosen, didn't understand response of "No I in team" appeared not to get it. Moins

Jotun Paints

Why you not another candidate?

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I never see the post

I have good experience and sound knowledge of group fitness instructors and take all age group ladies and understand all age group women Moins

Why did you decline the offer?


Do you have previous sales experience?

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I also have extensive experience in corporate accounts along with years of customer service. Moins

Also had my own mixing system for matching colors working in my own collision shop and other shops that I’ve previously was employed. Moins

Bloomberg L.P.

What is your mission in life?

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To work hard and be successful - it didn't fly.

To kill all people who ask stupid interview questions.

To be the very best, like no one ever was

Publicis Sapient

If you had an infinite supply of water and a 5 quart and 3 quart pail, how would you measure exactly 4 quarts?

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1) Pour 5 in take 3 out total remaining = 2 2) Pour 5 in total = 7 Take 3 out Now 4 is left total = 4 Moins

fill up the 3, pour it into the 5. fill up the 3 again, pour 2 into the 5 to top it off. now your 3 has 1. empty the 5. pour the 1 into the 5. fill up the 3 and pour it into the 5. Moins

Fill the 5 quart pail and pour it into the 3 quart pail. now there are 2 quarts remaining in the 5 quart pail. empty the 3 quart pail and pour these 2 quarts into the 3 quarts pail. now the 3 quart pail is 1 less to be filled up. now fill the 5 quarts pail and pour 1 quart into the 3 quarts pail to fill it. the 5 quarts pail has 4 quarts in it now. Moins


What are your future goals and how do they fit in with Geico?

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I said in the interview that I would consider graduate school but was not looking to pursue it currently and the guy went off saying that he didn't want to hire me based on the thought that I may want to go to graduate school in the future. not hiring someone for this reason is not only discrimination, but also just dumb in my opinion. i realize that companies don't want to hire people who are just going to leave the program, therefore ruining an investment, but this is not what I led onto in my interview. Basically he was not hiring me because I might decide to go to graduate school far in the future, to which I may not even get in because it's quite competitive. That's like not hiring a woman because they might decide to have kids and quit her job to raise them. The bottom line is that I said in the interview I would be willing to commit the time and training required in the program to move up in geico, whether it be a manager or somewhere else that suits my gained experience and abilities. That's what I said, apparently he thought I was lying. Moins

Don't even mention graduate school in the interview. Everyone seems to be scared of this answer thinking that you will eventually leave the company. Moins

No kidding. Of course a company will shy away from anyone who is not 100% committed to them. The management trainee program is a two year vested program. Why would they hire someone, spend the time, money and resources training that person, only to see them leave the company to pursue other opportunities? Just a suggestion, but while you are working on your graduate degree, and good luck with that, maybe you should take some job interview / resume building workshops. Just a thought. Moins

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