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On a demandé à un Program Manager III...24 février 2023

They said there were no job requirements

Expedia Group

1. System Design 2. Program and Project Management-related questions 3. Questions related to current/past projects and System Architecture

Expedia Group

Normal behavioral with focus on processes and problem solving. Also big focus of stakeholder management and influence without authority.


Various behavioral questions centered around Amazon's Leadership Principles.

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Study Amazon's Leadership Principles, and structure responses around them in the STAR format. Moins


Hardest colleague you ever worked with?

Dart Aerospace

HM, "You were in the Army?"

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Me, "Technically, the Marine Corps., but that was a decade ago. I've successfully led commercial and defense product complete life-cycles since then in the private sector." Moins

L.A. Care Health Plan

Describe a recent and/or memorable program that you managed in your past work experience. How did you manage program risk?


Work experience in my last company when it came to mergers and acquisitions. They like the 'servant leader' approach to managing projects.

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With flying colors.


Q: Give me an example of a project you led.


For this position, some sales experience required (basic qual: 3+ years of experience in a role responsible for achieving sales targets; preferred qual: Consultative sales experience in consumer electronics, technology and/or security products), so the recruiter wanted me to tell him about my sales experience.

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