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On a demandé à un Senior Program Manager...24 mars 2020

Why Amazon?

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Amazon has made an impact to the world by changing the way we do things- the way we shop, the way we read, accelerated pace in machine learning etc. I have seen Amazon consistently listed as one of the top places to work with one of the leadership principles Hire& Develop people, I would love to join your innovative team, continue to create great work, and grow within the company by learning new skills. Moins

It's no surprise that Amazon is the world's leading company in existence, with the highest profile & reputation bar none. I have always dreamt of being in a prestigious company as Amazon, as I know I have alot of to give in looking for thee most efficient ways to resolve any types of problems. I have extensive experience in the Customer care industry, & I can truly say that my life's passion is ensuring I can make people happy with the service I will provide. Moins

“I really believe the vision that making Amazon the Earth’s most customer-centric company more than anyone and I wanted to be a part of it on it’s pursuit which is the reason and motivation driving me to join Amazon.” Moins

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Hayward USD

Paper exams are harder than interview question, really basic situational questions

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Last year one of my 1st graders was screaming at another girl calling her a liar and tried to hit her. I separated her by having her sit in the back of the class. I got down on her level, held her hands at her sides so she wouldn't hit looked her straight in the eyes and told her that what she was doing was not right. The next day in line I sensed she was going to start fighting so I called her to come and stand next to me. Moins

If a teacher faints and there is an assistant I will have the assistant watch the class while I help the teacher who fainted. I will have the teacher sit with her head down and when she says she feels not dizzy I'll help her to a chair and notify site coordinator then get her some water. If no assistant I'll appoint another student to go get site coordinator and say that the teacher fainted while I assign an independent activity to the rest of the class. After that I'll help fainted teacher to chair after she says she's not dizzy and get her some water Moins

If two kids are fighting I will separate each one and have each one tell me their side. Once I get both sides I will ask the students what they could have done differently and have them apologize Moins

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How many snow shovels sold in the US last year?

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There are roughly 400 million people in the US About 100 million people live in areas where having a snow shovel would make sense (NY and Pennsylvania are large) A snow shovel likely only needs to be replaced every 10 years 100/10 = 10 million The average home size is ~2.5 10/2.5 = 4 million homes each home likely has about 1.5 shovels on average 4*1.5 = 6 My educated guess would be 6 million (although my intuition is this is a little high) Moins

Greater than the number of Tasers

All of them. Every single one that was purchased.

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Network Rail

If you had 3 mins alone in a lift with the CEO what would you say?

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Are you going up or down?

As a passenger I believe railways are the future transport that everyone will need and want to use for work and pleasure, together we can make our future vision a reality. Moins

can you press 3 Please

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Royal offices

If plane is about to crash, whom would you save when you can save 2 people from your mother, pregnant lady, doctor and yourself

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I’ll save the Doctor and the Pregnant Lady so that the doctor can save my mother if she is injured Moins

I would save doctor and myself Because it depends on the situation of the plane crash Cus it might crash on water or in some area where the chances of crash is a bit less impactable. So if me and doctor is there from that crash the pregnant lady and mother can be treated and would be helped by both of us Moins

Mother, pregnant lady then myself.

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How many baby diapers are used per year in the UK?

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a Sh***t load

None - because they're called nappies in the UK.

I could give 2 answers to this and both are correct: 1 - Twice half the number or 2 - Don't know. 2 would be my preferred answer and I have answered 'don't know' to a lot of interview questions. If I don't know, I don't know and I am not going to spout BS. Lets get onto the next question. Moins

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what is angle between hour hand and minute hand in clock at 4:20 ? what is biggest conflict management you have handled in your work place

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IF min's hand rotates for 360 deg, hr's hand rotates for 30 deg - so for 60 min - hr's hand rotates for 30 deg. For 1 min it rotates for 0.5 degree. Hence, for 20 min it rotates for 10 degrees. The angle between hr's hand and min's hand should be 10 deg. Moins

in every 60 minutes hour hand moves 30 degrees. so at 14:20 ( it means that 20 minutes have past since last turn) hour hand moves 20*30/60 = 10 degrees so the answer is 10 degrees... Moins

10 degrees

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In the assessment centre asked why this job motivates me

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Described opportunities with farmfoods

When is your final interview ? I have mine tomorrow x

I’m still waiting to have mine, good luck for yours, let me know how it goes and what they ask if you can..? Moins

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PSA International

If I had to compare myself to an animal which would I choose.

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Don't do it!!! It's a scam! The same thing happen to me a couple of days ago! it's a work from home job and the person who is interviewing you is going to try to send you a check for your supplies. The check is fraudulent! He is gonna try to tell you to deposit the check into your account and then have you to transfer it into another account. I went to the bank and they stopped it before he could get the money! Moins

What were the name of the ppl contacting you? Did they FedEx the check to you? Did you ever buy any supplies? Moins

He was very aggressive and very eagered for me to get the bank

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Given a string like "I'm being interviewed by Amazon" implement a method that reverses the given string so that it looks like "Amazon by interviewed being I'm".

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we can first reverse the whole string, and then reverse the individual words O(n) complexity Moins

3-line solution in PowerShell: $str = "I'm being interviewed by Amazon".Split() $([array]::Reverse($str) ) [string]$str Moins

" ".join("I'm being interviewed by Amazon ".split()[::-1])

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