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NHS Improvement
On a demandé à un Programme Manager...31 mai 2018

Very long and complicated questions, hard to track varying components.

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Poorly and in many parts.

Public Health England

a) Management style b) How do you go about designing a clinical audit? c) Talk me through this graph of real-world data (image shared during the interview) d) Talk me through how you would analyse X disease and what exposures would you consider, dataset considerations and limitations, etc e) Project management and keeping to time and on track (programmes used) f) What are the steps you undertook to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis g) What big data experience do you have e.g. HES/ CPRD h) Have you worked with an array of stakeholders and how do you keep them informed and engaged through a project

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I would usually structure my answers to three main bullet point. I talked to provide enough detail and with clarity and then would usually ask (after about 5 minutes), whether they would like me to provide more information. Having a strong technical skillset really helped me and also going through the stages of audit prepping / project management steps and how to deliver in a PHE setting to different types of stakeholders was vital. PHE website has some great resources for prepping on audit stages, study design, etc. Moins

Tata Communications

Why would you want to come from a large role to a smaller role

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I was focussed on leadership hiring

British Red Cross

What I knew about the organisation

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My personal experience of the movement

Ntengwe for Community Development

What are the policy frameworks that govern your work?

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I looked at the International, Regional and national policies and how these inform NGO work Moins


Background description,

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Managing process in previous experiences


Situation based questions

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Situation based questions


Dealing with a difficult stakeholder

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Persistency and describing benefits in detail

Thomson Reuters

Tell us about a past experience at your workplace where you disagreed with a colleague and how did you resolve the issue

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i gave a practical scenario and explained how i approached the issue


This is a direct quote of one of the most bizarre questions asked: "Do you have any experience printing large documents?"...

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this question was asked in relation to a Studio Manager position at a design firm, to which I've answered, could you explain which part of the printing process you are refereeing to? Moins

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