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On a demandé à un Project Controller...5 octobre 2021

When planning a project what do you need to do first.

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Scope. Dependencies.

Important to read the client contract and understand financial deliverables as well as insurance requirements. After that understand the budget and expected spend. Moins

Hines Interests Limited Partnership

Why do you want to work for Hines, specifically, and how do your reasons relate to your career ambitions?

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I fumbled around, not expecting the amount of detail they were seeking.

🙃🙃🙃🙂😇 )odvjjkjuizop

Bureau Veritas

What do you know about the company? Giving examples of different cirrcumstances to do with managers and accounting.

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Just be honest. Not a difficult interview.

Did they Ask "Giving examples of different cirrcumstances to do with managers and accounting." or did you answer with that? Moins

Henkels & McCoy

They asked a question that was somewhat confusing at the time but made a lot of sense later. They asked how I would deal with monitoring the work done by payroll administrators even as I was not their supervisor but was still responsible for the accuracy and quality of their work. Ironically, this question rang in my ears for a long time--it was definitely a dilemma.

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Lacking overall context, this question appears to be taking a long view on the project ... if you're managing budget, tracking tasks and attentive to remaining scope of effort, it would be useful to ensure (minimally) that: - hours worked/paid aligned with estimates - hours worked by groups aligned with delivered work -- is it done, did that element exceed budget - reporting on overall project relative to plan ... in short, does it mirror (quite literally) where you say we should be. In this space, labor is one of the few variable costs ... failing to completely supervise payroll could quickly cause a project to go over budget. Moins

That is true and I was happy to do that. The problem did not lie in tracking and managing budgets. The problem dealt with administrators having trouble receiving constructive criticism or being asked to fix their entry errors by someone that was not their supervisor, especially on a weekly basis since books closed weekly. Nonetheless, that was a big part of the job I was paid to do, the accuracy and integrity of the reports was my responsibility. Moins

Waypoint Contracting

What am I looking for in a company?

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Integrity, honestly, great pay, great benefits, growing opportunities


Describe yourself and what you have done before on your previous job Are you familiar with SAP Which area do you stay - should not be far from office - jebel ali freezone

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company concerns about safety and staff should not drive long distance

Walter P. Moore and Associates

What is service?

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Henkels & McCoy

None...they asked no difficult questions. Maybe "Where did you go to college and what degree did you receive?" Literally, that was it.

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The obvious

eHealth Africa

To prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement

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I used the Bank Statement Balance and added Deposits in Transit and & deducted Unpresented Cheques Moins


Whats the size of the projects handled?

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Us $ 100 Million

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