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American Express
On a demandé à un Project Coordinator...7 décembre 2022

Share your work experiences relating to the position you're applying for

McCarthy Tétrault

Any upcoming vacations planned in the future?

American Innovations

Tell us of a time that you had to have a difficult conversation with a client.


What do you know by the term DMAIC?

BJC HealthCare

Bjc is big on behavior questions so be prepared to give at least three examples of a time that…….

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Short and to the point

Volkswagen Financial Services

This was pre-screening so I was asking more questions to understand the duties from an overview perspective.

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I asked about compensation, relocation and overall duties. You are basically coordinating the cars sold at auction and all paperwork, prep and repairs. Moins

I was asked for a detailed overview of my roles previously held with previous employers.

Tell me about yourself. Why are you applying to this role? What do you like about

Loews Hotels & Co

How does your experience prepare you to work in a fast-paced environment?

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