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Clearwater Paper
On a demandé à un Project Engineer (Entry Level)...8 mai 2012

What would your professor say about you?

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That I’m a hard worker

Midwest Structure Engineering

The interview required a test, 2 in fact. 1 - 30 minute autoCAD test applying drawing corrections and the second a 4 question basic knowledge design test, including an area of steel calculation for a loaded concrete beam. .

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No indication was given that reference material should be brought with you and/or is not allowed. Also, be able to do a deformed shape and shear/moment diagram. Moins

General Atomics

What is the circuit called where an op-amp's output is connected in feedback?

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Voltage Follower

Kiewit Corporation

Why should we hire you?

Design group (GA)

Tell us what you know about the company.

Mass Electric

Tell me about a specific event that had a lot of impact on your life.

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