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AdventHealth Orlando
On a demandé à un Psychiatric Technician...20 décembre 2017

If a patient began to masturbate while in his room what would I do?

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And how long did it take them to contact you after the group interview?

I was contacted within a hour after my group interview.

I was contacted within a hour after my group interview.

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California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Name the 8 rights of medication. Yes 8

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1.Right patient 2.Right medication 3.Right amount 4.Right time 5.Right form 6.Right duration 7.Right to refuse 8. Right documentation Moins

Oops also Right route


How have you included people in a group who all have varying levels of ability.

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I gave an example of a group I led that was able to include disabled and able bodied patients. Moins

Sorry! I was trying to click on your response and accidentally hit -1 and now it won’t let me change it. Moins

Mental Health and Deafness Resources

Would I be able to work at a moment's notice?

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El Dorado County

Do you know h0w to use Google Calendar? ( so they can micro manage.)

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The Children's Village

how i would handle a situation if a fight breaks out

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separate the kids

Winnebago Mental Health Institue

How would you handle a violent patient while in the dayroom with other patients, family members, staff, etc.

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Follow the protocol, keep everyone safe especially the violent patient themselves. If need be, evacuate everyone from getting involved/hurt in the process. Report to supervisor and document the incident. Moins

Utah State Hospital

Are you willing to work weekends. Are you willing to work holidays.

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I said exactly what the interviewer wanted to hear. Including the fact that I can walk and chew gum at the same time. Moins

Deer Oaks Mental Health Assoc

They asked me about my experience and education.

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I answered with the facts mentioned in my resume.

UTHealth Houston

Tell me about a time where you worked in a high stress environment.

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I told them about my experience assisting a community after a wildfire, where I interacted with distressed residents daily. Moins

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