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Plum Organics
On a demandé à un PR Associate...22 août 2017

What is your previous PR experience?

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Why do you want to work for Plum Organics/Why do you want to do PR?

Proof Management

Is sales something you are interested in?

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Same experience. They wanted me to come back for a 2nd interview that was suppose to last 8 hours. Needless to say I never returned. Moins

KITE HILL Public Relations

Why are you interested in this role since it's not a PR role?

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Well, I do believe I'm interviewing for the PR Associate role and feel that there are definitely PR responsibilities encrypted with the role. I'm open to the more data driven responsibilities as well. Moins

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Willing to accept even if the position offered lower from experience, academic achievements and previous higher position.

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Depending on situation (beggars can choose)


Seriously a joke and very easy interview.

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They are looking for quantity not quality candidates.

Project 30

Do you think we should have started this process with a phone call? Just kidding, they didn't ask that.

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Golden State Events

Would you be comfortable standing in front of a grocery store or similar business asking people to stop to speak with you and give you charity to help Golden State Events

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thank you so much for the opportunity, but upon further reflection this position is not the right position for me given my degree and experience. Moins

Lawlor Media Group

most circulated newspapers in NY

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am new york, metro new york

Finn Partners

Pitch to me how a clients security product could help prevent celebrity nude leaks, though our clients product has no relation to the issue.

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The product that they asked to pitch to, had no business or relation to the controversy. The celeb nude leaks were cloud based, while their clients security had no connection to the cloud. Moins

Can you sell door to door??

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I stormed out and told them I am contacting Verizon Corporate Marketing in Basking Ridge and I did. Their corporate attorneys are looking into this company. DO NOT GET INVOLVED!! ****SCAM******* Moins

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