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On a demandé à un Public Relations Coordinator...26 novembre 2017

Do you will to work overtime?

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Yes i do

Yes I do.

Nutritional Products International

How hard are you willing to work and learn ?

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I told Mitch, Im willing to use my skills I learned in college and have them be put to the test in order to be successful at Nutritional Products International. Moins

I suggest you apply elsewhere. They do not care about you as an individual and you will be fired within a few weeks. Turn the other way! Moins


Name a time where you were successful.

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Use a personal experience

Khine Marketing Solutions

What attracts you to the field of marketing, management and business?

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Always grew up intrigued because of family and friends being the the business world. Moins


If I gave you an X budget for an event and I am targeting Y audience, what would you do?

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I would research where the audience is located throughout the workday, find bars in the area and setup a happy hour event where users would be demo'd the App. Moins

Global Peace Foundation

Why do you want to work for Global Peace Foundation and the IYLA program?

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As a person studying human rights and politics, I am heavily invested in NGO's like Global Peace Foundation. I would like to work for NGO's after I graduate and potentially start my own one day. Additionally, in a world like today's the mission "One Family Under God" is so important. Whether people believe in the same God or no God, we need to care more for one another as if they were our family. By bringing young people together in the IYLA program from across the globe, we are able to have conversations about religious differences and politics in order to create a more peaceful and loving world with today's youth. Moins

Centegra Health System

Are you aware of Centegra's values?

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Centegra is big on its values so they want people who are respectful, compassionate and joyful. If you are those things and have appropriate skills, you should do well. Moins

University of Georgia

What are some of your marketing pet peeves?

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Comic Sans and other system fonts in a professional setting!

Imperium Solutions

Does that make sense so far?

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Yes it makes sense.

Tell me a Joke

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I gave a cute knock knock- she told me anything silly or funny she did not mind.

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