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CHG Healthcare
On a demandé à un PR Manager...19 mars 2013

Have you ever worked at a company with competing brands?

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No I have not but would love to learn more

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are you capable in be a leader?

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Lol of course you won't be selected if you dont think you can be a leader. You was applying for PR Manager position, there's a lot of PRs that you have to take care of. Moins

i told hr department that to be honest, i prefer to handle my own task, following the deadlines, and being productive. being a strong leader isn't my strength. Moins

The Emirates Group

They want a reference of the applicant's current manager. That's quite a lot to ask for and nobody in the pool of candidates was comfortable with that request (obviously!).

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If candidate had a experience then why he need reference

How will you propel Q-Games forward and keep it above its competition?

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I explained using all fronts of SNS and video streaming platforms. pretty basic stuff when it was all said and done Moins

How long apply online until get an offer take a day ?


What is PR?

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Public Relations

Media outreach.

Reem Acra Bridals

Tell us about yourself

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Talked about my background

Do you want to work with us?

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Yes, of course.

Kotak Mahindra

Tell me about yourself

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Gave detail info about my qualifications and a bit about my internship with confidence Moins

RSM Agency

How do you feel about being one of the oldest people in the office? Because you're not young any more.

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Thanks! I'm sure I'd be fine.

Alps Electric

They asked if I could be able to handle multiple tasks? That was not a problem. They asked about my previous marketing experience and I was able to respond accordingly.

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I was able to demonstrate the operations manual that I personally wrote for the Grand Openings for Orchard Supply. It showed the procedures that I had laid out for the team. Many of the store openings were single, double and triple openings. They were impressed. Moins

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