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CHG Healthcare
On a demandé à un PR Manager...19 mars 2013

Have you ever worked at a company with competing brands?

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No I have not but would love to learn more

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are you capable in be a leader?

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Lol of course you won't be selected if you dont think you can be a leader. You was applying for PR Manager position, there's a lot of PRs that you have to take care of. Moins

i told hr department that to be honest, i prefer to handle my own task, following the deadlines, and being productive. being a strong leader isn't my strength. Moins

How will you propel Q-Games forward and keep it above its competition?

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I explained using all fronts of SNS and video streaming platforms. pretty basic stuff when it was all said and done Moins

How long apply online until get an offer take a day ?

The Emirates Group

They want a reference of the applicant's current manager. That's quite a lot to ask for and nobody in the pool of candidates was comfortable with that request (obviously!).

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If candidate had a experience then why he need reference


What is PR?

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Public Relations

Media outreach.

Do you want to work with us?

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Yes, of course.

RSM Agency

How do you feel about being one of the oldest people in the office? Because you're not young any more.

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Thanks! I'm sure I'd be fine.

Alps Electric

They asked if I could be able to handle multiple tasks? That was not a problem. They asked about my previous marketing experience and I was able to respond accordingly.

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I was able to demonstrate the operations manual that I personally wrote for the Grand Openings for Orchard Supply. It showed the procedures that I had laid out for the team. Many of the store openings were single, double and triple openings. They were impressed. Moins

HNA Group

Mostly focus on my cv and past experiences. No questions about their group were asked, Which made the interview relaxing.

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Being honest

We're currently anticipating XX event to happen. What would you propose as a PR plan?

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Provided some high level thoughts in person and then developed full plan for last section of the interview. Moins

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