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Condé Nast
On a demandé à un PR Manager...21 mars 2023

Where do you get your news from?

Funding Societies

How did your past experience relate to this job? What can you bring to the role?


What do you enjoy about PR?


Why do you want to switch companies?


About my background in PR and communications


Could you please tell me about yourself?

La Prairie Group

How to apply my experience to their business. The main factor is that the products are so expensive so they need to find a way to connect to a more affluent customer which is hard. They need more then traditional PR or found beauty bloggers etc

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I explained my skills

24 Seven Talent

Tell me about your experiences.

What KPI's were you set? What is your day to day role at Kantar Public? Who are their clients? Do they work within international markets?

Redwood Software

I was asked how I would build a content strategy.

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