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Penguin Random House
On a demandé à un Publicity Assistant...5 avril 2021

What is one flaw you think you have?

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Delegating to others

Penguin Group

Why do you want to work in publishing?

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Not necessarily unexpected, but be sure you know how to answer.

Dan Klores Communications

What do you do for fun? Where do you get your news?

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Learning languages and traveling; NPR


How do you work under pressure?

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Gave examples of previous high pressured work and how I solved it

FINN Partners

What makes a social media campaign stick out

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Used examples of great companies/products with good social media

St. Martin's Press

Why publishing? (because you do not make any money)

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I am passionate about publishing- always wanted to work in publishing, and whatever I am interested in will never make me any money. Moins


I have more than four years of experience so it seemed she was worried I was overqualified. She asked how I'd find the job challenging.

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I told her I would make connections and if possible learn other aspects of publishing like helping with marketing and sales because I already had a background in those too. Moins

Simon & Schuster

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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I see myself as a publicist for Simon & Schuster working for diverse authors


Tell me about yourself

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Went through all of my previous, relevant employment

Penguin Random House

What kind of media do you consume?

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Why do you want to work in publicity?

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