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On a demandé à un Quality Assurance Junior (QA)...30 septembre 2022

Me perguntaram o quanto eu ganho atualmente e o quanto eu esperava dessa vaga


Quais tecnologia eu usava além de perguntar se sabia usar as tecnologia que eles queriam


First 2 tech rounds were easy, even 3td round but rigid interviewer


1. Describe your current job. 2. Since Finning is an International Company, how would you deal with people from different parts of the world?


on JAVA Testing write down a testcases for student login process


Round 1 was with manual testing question , Automation testing questions , Testing basics, Cloud services exposure

People Group

Be prepared in advance with all basic concepts for automation and for manual testing concepts

Lynx Software Technologies

it was networking and programming related


I was asked about my background and experience.

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