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On a demandé à un QA Intern...27 septembre 2022

Why do you want to work here

Affinity Portugal

Bagagem tecnica, tempo de carreira, e ingles


Describe yellow color to blind person


Reverse the string using function


First set of questions was about Abstract reasoning, not about programming patterns or anything other. Anyone can do it who would practice it enough. Second set was screening about the candidate about their personality: Questions like you: "would you rather be precise or honest?" Questions that seemingly do not have right answers. It pre-filters the masses for their strange company culture.


How kubernetes scale up and scale down


Difference between ruby and java Difference between interface and abstract class Explain polymorphism (overload/overwrite methods)

Baker Hughes

write a program to print all permutations of a string XYZ using recursion. input string XYZ output string : XYZ, XZY, YZX, YXZ, ZXY, ZYX swap the first and last character of each words in the given string String STR = java is object oriented language Output : aavj si tbheco drientedo eanguagl


They asked "What drives you to work with Thirdera?"

The interview was first with the HR Department, then, with a hiring manager. Questions asked are based on position and level of experience. Make sure to read and go on company website for more information.

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